welcome to my commission world

Hello, I am Francis and this is my commissions page. They are always open unless otherwise stated.I take Cashapp, Paypal, and KofiI will draw
☆ Anthro
☆ Feral/quad/taur
☆ Humans
☆ Monsters
☆ Self ship (which is discounted at 25% off!)
☆ Simple mechanical and armor
☆ Gore to a certain extent

Find me on Instagram (@battysoda), my tumblr (@mousedetectives), and twitter (@battysodarts)

Terms of service

I reserve the right to refuse certain subject matter and will not take a commission if I feel it out of my personal comfort.☆ No discriminatory content
☆ Nothing illegal
☆ No using commissioned art for NFTs or AI art
☆ Do not remove my signature/watermark
☆ Payment as little as half must be sent upfront, other portion must be sent when final work is given
☆ I will not begin work until first half of payment is sent
☆ I will send you previews during my process
☆ References must be provided when ordering
☆ Visual references preferred - if no visual reference then be as descriptive as possible of what you want
☆ I am flexible in my style and use a variety of materials, please be as specific as possible as to what you imagine


All values are for the price of one character with minimal/no bg.
Prices are negotiable depending on specific needs. (background, extra characters, etc)
Headshot/Bust: $5
Halfbody: $15
Fullbody: $20
Add color: +$5
Add shading: +$5
Add character: +$5
Backgrounds: Price negotiable